Webinar Overview

Security threats are always evolving – is your data is secure? Many organisations use Microsoft 365 every day, but the sophistication of modern attacks means your data and Cloud workloads are open to vulnerabilities.  

With CDW and Rubrik, critical Office 365 data is protected from cyber-attacks, data loss, and even accidental deletion. Rubrik plugs those gaps with air-gapped, immutable backups, automated protection, sensitive data monitoring, and rapid recovery. Rubrik Laminar is an agile data security platform for multi-cloud. 

Rubrik in partnership with Laminar: 

  • Reduces your attack surface for ransomware 
  • Gives you visibility of your sensitive data 
  • Improves efficiency across your cloud and operating expenses 
  • Instantly identifies threats to your sensitive data in the cloud 
  • Minimises the risk of double extortion 

Meet Our Speakers

Phillipa Winter (1)

Phillipa Winter

CDW Chief Technologist

With 27 years in the NHS as a CIO and clinician, Phillipa is passionate about influencing the design and delivery of digital strategies. Phillipa supports our teams at CDW UK through thought leadership and strategic facilitation with our customers, building long-term partnerships, to ensure correct use of digital solutions that can achieve great outcomes.  

Mark Grant 5 (1)

Mark Grant

Rubrik Cloud Sales Specialist

Mark has over 23 years of System Integration, ISV, and start-up experience working at IBM, Intel, NTT, and now Rubrik. He's worked in a variety of Regional and Global positions, including Channel Sales Lead, Regional Sales Director and Microsoft Practice Lead, and Go-to-market roles. Mark is responsible at Rubrik for Western Europe to drive Sales and GTM activities for Rubrik Cloud Native protection and Data Security across M365, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud environments.

What to Expect

Our informative Local Government and Housing webinar on the 25th April 2024 at 4-5pm will give you insight into how CDW, in partnership with Rubrik, helps keep your sensitive data safe in Office 365 and your Cloud secure. Our expert speakers will talk about advancing data security in Cloud environments and specifically your Office 365 applications. They’ll cover: 

  • The security threats of Office 365 in Local Government and Housing

  • How Rubrik ensures your data is kept safe and your Cloud secure 

  • How your sensitive data can be exposed, where that data sits, and who has access to it 


The event, which takes place on the 25th April 2024 at 4-5pm, will begin with introductions and an overview of the CDW and Rubrik partnership, and it will conclude with a fireside Q&A. The agenda is as follows:

  • Market landscape and challenges

    • Discuss the current state of cloud data protection, security compliance in local government
    • Upcoming elections - biggest priorities and risks from a people and council position
    • Highlight common challenges with Microsoft 365 data management and security
    • Share insights on the impact of data breaches and compliance issues
  • Rubrik’s Microsoft 365 solution overview

    • Introduction to Rubrik’s Microsoft 365 backup and recovery capabilities
    • Live demo or walkthrough of the solution
  • Laminar integration and advantages

    • Explain what Laminar is and its role in cloud security
    • The synergy between Rubrik and Laminar for enhanced data protection and data security
    • Use cases and success stories

Secure Your Place

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During the webinar you will discover: 
  • The security threats you face using Office 365 
  • How Rubrik ensures your data is kept safe and your cloud secure 
  • How your sensitive data can be exposed, where that data sits, and who has access to it 
  • Q&A

We’re also sending our attendees a free gift box of beer and snacks, with a non-alcoholic option available, for you to enjoy while listening to our expert speakers. 

Date / Time - 25th April 2024 at 4-5pm

We hope you’ll join us!