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CDW achieves Carbon-Neutral leasing by partnering with CHG-Meridian on all co-workers IT.

CHG Meridian


After years of continuous growth, a high percentage of coworkers working remotely led to inconsistencies across the tech estate. This meant CDW’s IT team was kept busy, incurring rising costs from having to regularly replace and refresh technology and having to manage security updates.

CDW had to find a solution that could protect users, devices, applications and data especially with the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Flexible Working and Hot Desking.


CDW moved from a CapEx to an OpEx, or leasing, model which simplifies regular equipment refreshes for CDW's 1,300 strong workforce. 

CDW procured essential IT equipment from partners such as HP and Lenovo for laptops, USB-C docking station, certified audio endpoints and premium peripherals.

Seamless device management achieved by utilising a Mobile Device Management solution which allowed CDW to centrally and securely configure devices.

CDW then partnered with CHG-MERIDIAN on a carbon-neutral lease via its CarbonZER0 solution to offset the total CO₂ emissions of its IT assets, make its IT equipment's lifecycle carbon-for all IT assets neutral and limit IT waste.


CDW coworkers now have state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips, enabling them to work flexibly with ease.

The new 3-year refresh cycle on all equipment resulted in a 10% cost saving versus buying up front. The MDM solution also saved IT admin time and reduced potential downtime.

The OpEx model offers regular upgrades so technology is up to date and provides positive user experience.

CDW's carbon footprint has been reduced and we have boosts to our green credentials.

In collaboration with trusted partners we selected a sustainable solution that provides our teams with the best  technology for the new hybrid world of work. This future proofs our business throughout the technology lifecycle and contributes to our sustainability goals.

Malcom Pape

CDW UK CFO & VP International