CDW helps leading law firm Bristows to manage their Microsoft licensing challenge.


• CDW successfully assisted Bristows in solving their Microsoft licensing challenges.

• Became a trusted licensing partner by conducting yearly reviews and regular check-ins.

• In collaboration with the Bristows IT Team took responsibility for technical delivery and management of relevant in-house Microsoft solutions for client.

• Bristows are now able to easily manage their licensing, and trusts that CDW will continue to advise them on the products best suited to their business.


• Bristows LLP is top-tier, European based, independent law firm, founded in 1837.

• Specialising in life sciences and technology, Bristows is a full service firm providing expert and innovative legal support to their clients across the world.

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Leading law firm, Bristows, needed expert support to help manage their Microsoft ecosystem’s complex licensing requirements. Due to the expanse and complexity of available software and licensing options, they sought an independent advisor to assist with identifying the solution that would best suit their needs.

“It was a constant and costly battle trying to stay on top of ever-changing Microsoft licensing. We needed someone we could trust and who would invest in understanding our needs, to recommend the best way forward to achieve our business goals. Having looked at the type and size of firm that we are, CDW were able to provide an efficient solution, recommending different licensing for different products” said Chris Jory, IT Manager, Bristows LLP.

“The challenge for Bristows LLP was to ensure that they had the best Microsoft products for their business, and to make sure they were correctly licensed for these. Licensing for Microsoft is complex, because of the huge array of services on offer. This could lead to non-compliance if not managed closely, which can prove costly, should an audit occur.” said Allan Lowden, Microsoft Software Licensing Consultant, CDW.

“Because of their unique needs with regard to multi-device access and robust data security, they needed someone who was an expert in the fine print and who could ensure they stayed up to date with any changes in policy, while they focused on client delivery and service.”


CDW implemented a comprehensive service to manage the deployment of Microsoft software and licensing for Bristows LLP.

The Microsoft licensing experts at CDW spent time to gain an understanding of the size of the business, the number of devices in use across multiple locations, and the specific IT needs of Bristows LLP and its clients. Because of their in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products, they were able to streamline their Microsoft stack, and ensure that they remained compliant.

CDW advised the adoption of cloud-based licensing, which was subsequently deployed as a united interface across all associated devices. This allowed for the simplification of licensing across multiple devices and locations along with enhanced data security from the cloud. This reduced the need for costly and finite on-premises technology and gave the firm flexibility and scalability with the cloud


Bristows LLP are confident that they are now getting the best return on their investment thanks to their consultation with CDW. Unifying the systems into one cloud-based interface has simplified Bristows LLP’s operations, reduced Capex expenditure and made it easier to remain compliant, while delivering a superior service.

They have confidence that the experts at CDW are managing their licensing, giving them the ability to invest resources elsewhere to achieve their goals. Additionally, CDW is always on hand to fix any issues, or to discuss changing needs. Having a team of engineers ready to assist has minimised system downtime and allows Bristows LLP to deliver the highest level of service to their clients and their people.

Allan Lowden explains, “It has been a pleasure to help Bristows LLP manage their Microsoft licensing requirements to achieve optimal ROI, compliance efficiency and security. I look forward to continuing to work closely with them, adding value to their team and supporting the fantastic work that they do.”

"The expertise and professionalism of CDW mean we can trust them to be on top of our Microsoft licensing, and that we are getting the best services for our investment. It completely takes away the complexity and confusion."

Chris Jory

IT Manager, Bristows LLP