From prioritising cyber security and public safety to modernising data infrastructures and future-proofing technologies, finding the right regional government IT solutions can be daunting.

CDW can help drive efficiencies and improve collaboration, optimise internal processes, and help to roll out new public services. We provide cost-effective technology solutions that can deliver real outcomes and tangible benefits to regional government and the communities they serve.

Key Challenges

Improving the experience of citizens within budget constraints
Closing the digital divide between citizen groups and regions
Managing increasing social care costs from an expanding ageing population
Adopting flexible working practices
Reducing the real estate footprint to lower costs

Technology Solutions & Services

Technology Solutions

We can provide comprehensive data management projects, ensuring the critical security requirements of entire infrastructures.

CDW provides the right IT solutions for you. Data centre solutions, software solutions, hardware solutions, networking solutions, security solutions and more are shared by experts, who are ready to meet your needs.

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Our technology services solve your unique challenges and let you capitalise on new opportunities.

From roadmaps and adoption to project deployment and lifecycle management, CDW brings years of experience to help you design, orchestrate and manage your technology environments, today and into the future.

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Supply Chain

For the public sector, an efficient supply chain is essential. Organisations require collaborative, agile supply chains, capable of rapid yet cost-effective services.

The challenge of planning, deployment and logistics can distract IT teams from delivering maximum value. At CDW, our comprehensive supply chain services ensure your IT estate is run efficiently and productively, covering tailored procurement solutions through to complex international logistics.

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Business Outcomes

Managing Big Data

From social care for vulnerable people to council tax collections, councils handle ever increasing volumes of data. Effective data management enables next-generation analytics to give a single view of the citizen, improving decision-making and delivery of efficient and effective services.

Simpler Cloud Migration

Complex workloads are driving many councils to consider cloud services. Our comprehensive cloud services portfolio simplifies the journey, helping councils establish the most cost-effective and easy-to-manage environments for their needs.

Smart Cities

Digital advances such as in-car and wearable technology, connected street cameras and smart lighting initiatives herald the evolution of the smart city. CDW provides a platform for such innovations with advanced infrastructure and 5G networking to propel smart city technology into the mainstream.

Strengthening Cyber Security

Councils need to protect sensitive citizen data, including health records and credit card information, from new and known attacks. Optimised security, governance and compliance must be woven into every element of IT solutions and usage. Our holistic approach ensures protection.

Connectivity Everywhere

Bringing the workplace to your employees, providing access to modern tools to complete tasks that deliver services no matter the location, whilst bridging the digital divide to enable all citizens to access services digitally 24/7. CDW assists with the deployment and adoption of these tools.

Enabling Innovation

As digital transformation gathers pace, leading councils are developing capabilities in AI, ML, RPA and IoT applications that increase the efficiency of operations, improve resource allocation, provide unprecedented insight and enhance the experiences of the citizen. We can act as a trusted advisor on your journey to digitalisation.

How We Can Help

Find out more about how our technical solutions and services can assist your local government organisation. Simply email, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.