Every day millions of connected things are generating a lot of data, making sense of that data in an economical way can transform the supply chain in ways never previously possible. Insights help increase efficiencies allowing organisations to make better decisions in real-time creating better value for their customers and employees.

Many logistic providers today rely on disaggregated data platforms and independent point solutions. Intel is partnering with our vast ecosystem of partners to support new models for intelligent, connected logistics. From the edge to the cloud, Intel helps to turn data into actionable insights so you can achieve a faster, safer, more efficient, and more informed supply chain.

Intel delivers power-efficient performance and intelligence optimised for transportation use cases, like fleet, cargo, and warehouse management. With vision technology, transportation providers can detect threats, improve safety and efficiency in their daily operations.

Intel® Solutions for Fleet Management

Fleet vehicles are the driving force behind commerce and public mobility and play a key role in the supply chain. Fleet managers have the important role of organising and overseeing vehicles for performance, maintenance, and tracking purposes. Telematics solutions collect, store, and analyse data that can be sent to fleet managers. This data helps fleet owners and managers to evaluate vehicle maintenance, driver safety, and cargo conditions. With artificial intelligence (AI) and vision technologies, Advanced Telematics drives near real-time analyses and valuable insights exactly where you need it for the right people to make the right decisions.

The deployment of advanced telematics for fleet management can help fleet owners and managers boost efficiency, safety, and manageability while helping lower costs. The latest telematics solutions powered by Intel® technologies support a range of use. Whether enhancing predictive maintenance or driver safety, fleet managers can feel more confident knowing that their vehicles, assets, and employees are protected and managed efficiently:

Driver Assistance:  
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like blind-spot assistance and back-up cameras can alert drivers to objects blocking the road, people crossing the street, or even other vehicles driving dangerously. In-cabin cameras can detect when drivers are too tired to drive or distracted and generate alerts. In effect, drivers have more tools to react in a faster way, preventing accidents and reducing costs associated to incidents.

Fleet Maintenance: 
With the latest telematics solutions, sensors inside the vehicle detect when to change the oil, change brake pads, replace an old battery, or rotate tires. This helps maintenance crews address any issues ahead of time. It also helps prevent damaged motors, dysfunctional brakes, dead and old batteries, and less tractable tires, which lead to higher costs. 

Asset and Cargo Management:
Telematics plays a large role in supply chain and logistics. Temperature control, surveillance, and vibration sensors ensure that cargo is secure during transportation. By monitoring and keeping a vehicle’s cargo hold at a set temperature, items such as food, perishables, and medication stay fresh and consumable. With cameras and sensors surveying cargo—inside and outside of the vehicle—operators can ensure exactly what should be on the truck, and in what order. This also confirms if any cargo is lost or stolen.

Intel® Solutions for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Connecting the Supply Chain end to end, solutions powered by Intel® technologies can be used in the warehouses and distribution centers to provide real-time insights about the packages and cargo and enhance security for the workforce while autonomous forklifts can be used to automatize daily operations.

Cargo Measurement and Location:

In the warehouse, solutions powered by Intel® technologies use 3D cameras to read barcodes and measure the dimension of packages to capture the overall volume of the shipment. This information is sent to smart gateways through Ethernet or WI-FI and can be visualised in a dashboard in real-time.
At the same time, lighting tags connected to the same gateways can be used to localize packages. The insights generated are used to refine the analysis, improve decision-making, and help optimise transportation and handling efficiency.

AMR and Autonomous Forklifts:

Fully autonomous rather than automated, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) choose and decide the best route to take to optimize workflow and travel time. Sensors like LiDAR and Cameras provide the intelligence to navigate safely around people and objects with a built-in collision avoidance system. These machines do not depend on any physical infrastructure like wires or tapes meaning common failures like gaps in track lines do not occur, costs are reduced, and robots can be up and running in just a couple of hours.

Enhancing security in a post-COVID era:

Smart cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) and Intel technologies located in different places of the supply chain can enhance security and at the same time identify scenarios, where PPE is not utilized in the proper way or social distance practices, are not being followed helping protect employees, customers, and daily operations.

CDW Solutions Powered by Intel 

To accommodate more data and new capabilities at the edge, Logistic providers need powerful computing. Solutions based on Intel® platforms give you high performance and the specialised technologies to consolidate multiple systems into one and integrate multiple data sources. By reducing the number of systems needed for a set of functions, you can help reduce infrastructure costs and simplify integration and management.

As new technologies for logistic and intelligent transportation emerge, CDW and Intel collaborate to bring leading-edge, data-centric solutions to market, helping you to capture the most value from your investments.  These solutions can be used to make sense of data in an economical way and can transform the supply chain in ways never previously possible. Insights help increase efficiencies allowing us to make better decisions in real-time, and to create better value for our customers and employees.

Intel’s Solutions are completely end-to-end adaptable, affordable, and tested. Combined with CDW’s expertise these solutions are ready to implement into any marketplace, the solutions can help to modernize business environments and to prepare for the future in a world increasingly reliant on the Internet of Things.  

With a robust community of developers, OEMs, solution providers, and systems integrator building these solutions which can lead to transforming organisations and improve individual lives. 

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