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Modern Workspace: Thriving in the Digital Age


Tim Russell

Modern Workspace

•  Dec 20, 2023

Lights, Camera, Action

Today I was in our London office recording some content around how I see the Modern Workspace evolve over the coming years. Although you’ll have to wait for the video to see the specifics, here is my view on why the Modern Workspace is so important to organisations. 

Modern Workspace; Why It Is Important, and How Can It Help Businesses and Employees Thrive in the Digital Age?

The Modern workspace is not just a physical location or a set of devices. It is a mindset, a culture, and a strategy that empowers people to work anytime, anywhere, and anyhow they want. It is about giving people the choice, flexibility, and tools they need to do their best work and achieve their goals. 

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But why is the Modern Workspace important? Well, for one thing, it is what employees expect and demand in today's world. According to a recent survey, 87% of employees would accept to work from home at least some of the time, and with remote workers being able to dedicate on average 33% more time to their hobbies, why wouldn’t they?*. The Modern Workspace can help attract and retain talent, as well as increase engagement, productivity, and innovation. 

* Remote working statistics UK 2023 | Updated regularly (

Another reason why the Modern Workspace is important is that it can help businesses respond to changing customer needs, market conditions, and competitive pressures. By enabling employees to collaborate across boundaries, access data and applications securely, and leverage emerging technologies such as AI, the Modern Workspace can help businesses deliver faster, better, smarter, and more efficient solutions to their customers. 

However, the Modern Workspace also comes with some challenges and risks that need to be addressed. One of them is how to balance work and life in a world where the boundaries are blurred. Many of us are working longer hours because we feel guilty or pressured to prove ourselves when working from home. This can lead to burnout, stress, and reduced performance. This is where Digital Employee Experience (DEX) comes in. Digital Employee Experience is the holistic perception of an employee's interaction with the technology they use at work. It is about ensuring that employees have a positive, seamless, and satisfying experience with the technology that enables their work. It is also about protecting employees from harmful working practices, such as overwork, distraction, or isolation. 

One way to improve and monitor digital employee experience is through tools that now are embedding AI-driven self-healing of issues. These tools can help ensure that employees have fast, reliable, and secure access to the applications and data they need, and that any problems are detected and resolved before they impact the user experience. This can boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty, as well as reduce IT costs and complexity. 

AI is a key component of the Modern Workspace, not only as a tool to improve digital employee experience, but also as a driver of innovation and transformation. AI can help employees automate tasks, augment skills, and enhance creativity. It can also help businesses optimise processes, personalise services, and generate insights. AI is not a threat to human workers, but a partner that can help them unlock their full potential. 

To sum up, the Modern Workspace is the way businesses succeed by allowing their most important asset, their people, to do their work, their way. It is about embracing choice, flexibility, and innovation, while ensuring a positive and safe digital employee experience. It is about leveraging the power of AI and collaboration to enhance and transform the way we work. 

Please reach out if you want to know more, have an opportunity for me to present these concepts, or would simply like to understand how the Modern Workspace can change your business.

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