About The Disabilities Trust

  • A national charity providing services to people with complex and challenging needs, from brain injury to autism and physical disabilities.
  • The charity’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) has 11 residential assessment and rehabilitation centres, and two independent hospitals, while the Autism and Disability services operate 10 residential and community-based services and a special day school for children and young people with autism.
  • 1,500 dedicated members of staff.
  • Providing support, rehabilitation and enablment to around 1,000 per year.

Case Study Overview

The Disabilities Trust depends on the strength of its IT infrastructure to enable the provision of specialist support. The Trust’s IT transformation journey began with a recognition that its infrastructure was no longer coping with the demands placed upon it, let alone being able to handle future growth. It needed the agility to embrace new technologies and respond to emerging challenges, all while securing efficiencies, wherever possible, to ensure limited resources are focused on improving the lives of the people it supports and maximising their independence.

CDW delivered a transformational cloud migration using CDW's own Cloud platform, ServiceWorks, including disaster recovery to uphold continuity. In addition, Citrix ADC was recommended to help control the network congestion and deliver a responsive experience on managed devices.

The Disabilities Trust is now benefiting from a unified managed service that offers greater uptime, stronger security, enhanced employee collaboration and a smoother user experience.

"CDW was the only provider at that time which understood our need and could deliver it. We had open and clear dialogue about what we were trying to do and how CDW could meet those requirements. I loved CDW because they were open and honest."

Nathan Baranowski

Interim Director of Technology

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