Maximising the Digital Opportunity

The Police Digital Summit 2021, delivered in partnership between the Police ICT Company and the National Police Technology Council, is maximising the opportunities of digital with this three-day virtual event.

The National Policing Digital Strategy, launched in January 2020, emphasised that the pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again. Never more so than during the worldwide events of 2020 has technology been relied upon so heavily to help us adapt and revolutionise the way in which we interact, plan and deliver our services and enable workforces and the public to stay connected.

2nd - 4th February 2021

CDW are pleased to be a Bronze Summit Sponsor at this event. There will be members of the CDW Justice and Emergency Services team attending this event. They will be able to share their experience of how CDW provide technology that can improve planning, responsiveness, communication and collaboration, from the frontline to the control room.

You can contact a member of the team by email

Find out more information about CDW's dedicated Justice and Emergency Services team and our capabilities.


Police Digital Summit 2021

Online, Microsoft Teams

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021