Data centre modernisation services from CDW offer a platform from which data and applications can be delivered resiliently, securely and cost-effectively.

In today's hybrid world, with demands for resource coming from every angle, IT teams are faced with the challenge of using limited resource to provide on-demand services with CAPEX budgets, whilst supporting legacy workloads. By using the right mix of software-defined infrastructure, automation and orchestration, and integrated public cloud offerings, you can offer a catalogue of IT services that meet business needs, while freeing up time to focus on adding value to the organisation. All with in-built security, data protection and disaster recovery capability. This approach reduces provisioning delays, decreases time to value and improves operational efficiency. It keeps IT in control and your business safe. It allows IT to do what they do best – work with the business to add value.

CDW brings together a range of technologies combined with our deep expertise and broad set of services to deliver the right integrated data centre solution to meet your needs.