Optimising Your Remote Access Service (RAS)

CDW knows that providing secured and flexible remote access to your workforce and trusted partners is pivotal to your organisation and productivity. CDW’s Professional Services Consultant’s will perform a review of your Remote Access Services from the ground up, providing you with insights into topology, security stance, bottle-necks and potential risks.

Why Should I Assess Our RAS Infrastructure?

As solutions evolve and adapt to business demands, legacy configuration is often left behind which, over time, can result in degraded performance and a weakened security stance. In addition, reactionary changes necessitated by external factors such as Covid-19 can result in rapid changes being made in-terms of scale and delivery which could lead to unintentionally weakened security controls and posture.

CDW Remote Access Health Assessment

The CDW Remote Access Service is designed for organisations who want to baseline and benchmark their remote access services & who need assurance that their remote access service is robust, performant and is configured in accordance to industry good practice. The resulting report is targeted at your IT management team who are responsible for ensuring a high level of continuity and availability on the network.

We perform:

  • Discovery and review of your remote access service including associated device configurations and review of existing management or monitoring processes.
  • Identification of risks with clear recommendations around configuration updates, support status, operational performance and identification of single point of failures.

The report includes hardware, firmware, agent software and associated vendor support status, network topology, device serial numbers, routing and redundancy / HA configuration, device, port and authentication methods and configuration as well as highlighting any concerns and providing remedial recommendations.


  • Read-only access to the device GUI, CLI and any other management consoles for lower level script-based discovery
  • Valid read-only SNMP access enabled
  • A definition of in-scope remote access services to be reviewed - CDW can offer additional bespoke physical audit services if you are unsure of the makeup of your estate
  • Monitoring software is sometimes installed to capture utilisation and health statistics where existing services are not available
  • Physical access to hardware for physical health check purposes

Why Choose CDW?

Trusted Provider

CDW is a leading Networking solutions provider. This is underpinned by CDW holding many of the highest attainable partner accreditations for the top tier vendors.


CDW has access to the most comprehensive sales, technical and lifecycle services training and vendor resources. CDW has capabilities to architect, implement and support complex network environments which truly meet your business requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

CDW will identify strengths and develop targeted plans to serve your needs.



Discovery of one (1x) in-scope remote access solution, discovering basic physical topology, scale and operational health.

*This package does not include any configurational deep-dive or policy analysis.


Discovery and creation of assessment of one or more in-scope firewall appliances or HA clusters, including physical (Layer-1/2) and logical (Layer-3) network diagrams for in-scope devices, management and monitoring of in-scope firewall platforms, deep-dive configuration review, and more.


Discovery, assessment and VIP review of in-scope firewall appliances or HA clusters, including physical (Layer-1/2) and logical (Layer-3), network enclosure diagrams for associated devices inc. environmental review, management and monitoring of in-scope firewall platforms, deep-dive configuration and review, and more.

The Changing Nature of Work

46% of respondents at organisations are intending to implement remote or hybrid working. For these strategies to be successful, IT decision-makers will need the support of their organisation’s leadership.

Read our report to understand what other organisations like yours are experiencing and which solutions are being considered.