IT organisations struggle to successfully demonstrate the value of what they deliver to their businesses and service consumers – in ways that are clear and easy to appreciate.

Tools can be used to create all manner of reports, although these need to be set to focus on business results, not just technology-focused outputs. Reporting is often IT and internally focussed than business and outcome focussed. Many ITSM/ESM implementations fail or do not get the level of appreciation that they merit. This failure can lead to disconnect on trust, which impacts future funding and support across organisations.

What is Service Value Management?

SVM is a fast and simple way to build a fresh approach to reporting, performance monitoring and value demonstration. SVM is an industry-first value-added service from CDW, setting a new standard in value demonstration. SVM builds compound, weighted metrics bundles that show the real world experience and outcomes that are derived from service delivery – not just traditional surface level ‘SLAs’. This includes:

  • Employee feedback and experience
  • User feedback and experience
  • Business outcomes mapping
  • Operational performance
  • Critical metric mapping
  • Trended analysis

The Benefits of Service Value Management

Guidance and Expertise

SVM sets out clear goals with external and independent guidance and expertise.

Focused, Demonstrable Success

Workshops highlight issues and map ideas for development, ensuring focused and demonstrable success.

Service Value Delivery

Clients receive independently produced data and analysis on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous service value is being delivered.

Sector Organisation

Metrics and outputs that are developed represent leading best practices which allow clear feedback to the business.

Service Value Management Packages



Strategic workshop with value definition.



Basic service, plus ongoing service value management – including ongoing capture and presentation of experience and outcome metrics.



Essential service, plus service design and readiness.

Ready To Get Started?

CDW's SVM service provides advice, ideation, and guidance on setting meaningful metrics, building compound reports and analysis, translating these insights to fully demonstrate the business value. Complete the form to speak to industry experts.