Together with Lenovo, CDW can help organisations to reach their goals by reducing the risk, complexity, and cost that come with procuring, deploying, and integrating technology globally.

CDW’s wealth of experience in multinational logistics when combined with local knowledge and Lenovo’s award-winning supply chain, helps to deliver consistent and service-driven solutions to over 150 countries.

Lenovo’s international warranty services enables customers who travel or relocate to receive warranty services in any supported country, and paired with CDW’s international hubs in key regions, together we offer operations across the globe. By combining local knowledge with years of experience in multinational logistics, CDW can deliver consistent, service-driven solutions making international IT management easy.

CDW has an international presence in both public and private sector IT, with a team that possesses the industries' highest achievable accreditations, which means CDW customers can focus on running their business, not managing their IT.

To discover how CDW can deliver wholescale Lenovo solutions on a truly international scale, speak to us today.