Intel and CDW


CDW is an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Specialist. Intel specialists are selected for their market leadership, strong reputation, and extensive domain expertise. Intel partners with its visual specialists to deliver advanced solutions based on the latest technologies, such as computer vision and artificial intelligence, that ultimately enable organisations to achieve greater efficiency, reduced complexity, increased sales, and a more personalised customer experience.  

Technology Solutions


Intel's innovative technology powers the infrastructure required to install, manage and maintain a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions. To help you visualise these advanced solutions, Intel has created an Innovation Zone. Located in the heart of London in Canary Wharf, it is one of only six worldwide. The dedicated space showcases Intel-based solutions from the edge to the data centre that feature artificial intelligence built into the fabric. We will guide you via a consultative and collaborative journey through these solutions to showcase the art of the possible. The facilities include proof of concept options so customers can trial new technologies to help you make the right decision for your organisation.

Solutions on offer cover a wide range of products from the data centre to the edge. Many have built-in artificial intelligence, to help organisations with complex solution across the entire supply chain. With vision technology and deep learning capabilities at the device and gateway level, you can gain valuable business insights from your data. For example, retailers can recognise loyal customers in the store, "see" inventory on shelves, or perform other intelligent tasks. In addition, Intel's built-in baseline suite of security capabilities helps implement a consistent security model that protects against a wide range of threats. With broad connectivity support, Intel streamlines data sharing between devices and the cloud.


Preventing and responding to cyberattacks has grown more complicated in today's distributed workforce, with mobility meaning more devices are accessing the corporate network from outside the corporate firewall. IT administrators need to interact and connect to an operating system to apply patches. From a remote location it’s not always possible to detect if that device has been compromised and to turn it off quickly enough to prevent damage.

CDW offers a range of devices that support the Intel vPro platform. This 10th generation platform is built for business and provides a way to retain control through the Intel Hardware Shield. The shield has features such Active Management Technology which, together with Intel Threat Detection Technology, helps IT teams meet the key security goals of better threat detection, data protection against theft and tampering, identity and access protection, and recovery time after a breach.

Data & Cloud

At CDW, we help organisations build IT environments that are agile, manageable and future-focused while keeping operations running smoothly and costs down. Intel powers hybrid cloud environments that combine on- and off-premise services with computing, networking, memory and storage capabilities that combine a rich portfolio of enabling technologies to help IT deliver easy-to-deploy cloud solutions across a broad range of industry-leading brands.


CDW has international presence in both private and public sector IT. Combined with our global supply chain, we're able to deliver specialised products and services to organisations across more than 170 countries. Building IT solutions that generate results is what we do. And we do it better than anyone else because we are the People Who Get IT.