Dell EMC PowerStore Content Experience

Preparing for the data era can seem like a daunting task. But Dell EMC and CDW are delighted to offer a range of assets and resources to help boost your knowledge of the ground-breaking new PowerStore and act as your guide to future-ready storage! Whether you are familiar with Dell EMC PowerStore or just discovering it, select your stage on the path and explore a range of relevant assets and resources to help get you ready for the data era.

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Dell Technologies and CDW Proof of Concept (PoC) Capabilities

As a Dell Technologies Titanium Black partner, CDW have privileged access to Dell’s expertise and products which has enabled us to build industry-leading, state-of-the-art proof of concept (POC) facilities in London. This unique environment has been carefully designed to showcase all the latest products and technologies.

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Discover the Power of 3

To make your hybrid cloud vision a reality, you need a combination of the right cloud strategy, the right partner, and the right technology… you need the Power of 3.

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Navigate the Remote Working World

Enabling employees to work from home is now the reality for many organisations. Full speed business continuity and productivity requires an empowered workforce. Empowering your team with remote workforce technology solutions is a great way to turn challenges of access and geography into opportunity. 

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Dell EMC PowerScale

Unstructured data holds huge potential to help business leaders understand results, anticipate what’s coming, and act quickly on risk and opportunity. And it’s growing at a phenomenal rate in terms of volume, variety and velocity. Dell EMC PowerScale is designed to help organisations unlock the potential within it’s data – seamlessly scaling to handle any data, anywhere, and while delivering intelligent data insights.

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Innovate with Unstructured Data through the Edge, the Core and Cloud

Facing an explosion of unstructured data, organisations of all sizes are looking for ways to effectively and cost-efficiently store unstructured data and unlock the insight and intelligence buried within it. Discover the range of unstructured data solutions available from Dell EMC.

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Innovate Payment Solutions from Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services (DFS) delivers innovative payment solutions for hardware, software and services, allowing your organisation to align and scale the cost of IT solutions with technology consumption and budget availability.

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Dell EMC PowerStore: Designed for the Data Era

The ground-breaking new PowerStore family eliminates traditional trade-offs in performance, scalability, and storage efficiency, with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilises both traditional and modern workloads.

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Dell Technologies Next Generation Unity XT Storage Platform

Introducing the completely refreshed Dell EMC Unity XT storage platform. Built from the ground up these All-Flash and Hybrid storage platforms carry on the Unity family benefits, designed for performance while optimising efficiency and built for multi-cloud. Unity XT increases data efficiencies without sacrificing operational reliabilities.

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Advancing Health IT Transformation In The Digital Era

Innovative healthcare solutions that securely connect clinical teams and patients. Become more secure and compliant by protecting what's most important – your data. Accelerate your IT transformation with CDW, gaining efficiencies and optimising your investment.


Transform IT with Dell Technologies VxRail powered by VMware vSAN

The adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure is growing rapidly as companies race to meet the expectations of today’s digital economy. Explore 5 benefits of VMWare powered appliances by Dell Technologies.

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Rugged Devices for the Most Demanding Environments

Built to withstand the most challenging conditions, the Latitude Rugged range of devices offers world-class reliability thanks to innovative features and technologies.

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Maintain Better Storage Health with Dell EMC CloudIQ

Dell EMC CloudIQ delivers storage health monitoring, insights, and analytics, letting you easily monitor, analyse, and troubleshoot your storage environment. Supported on Dell EMC Unity XT, PowerMax, XtremIO, SC Series, PowerVault, Isilon, VxBlock, and Connectrix switches, with CloudIQ its easier than ever to check on your storage environment from anywhere, at any time.

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Introducing Dell PowerOne

Dell Technologies PowerOne is a new all-in-one system that harnesses the power of Dell Technologies, bringing together compute, storage, networking, virtualisation, and data protection into one streamlined autonomous infrastructure system.

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Dell Isilon Storage Solutions

Businesses are faced with an explosion in the volumes of unstructured data driven by a growing creation of digital content. The IT department has to keep up with this demand by providing a scalable and agile platform whilst decreasing risk and cost to their organisation.

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Delivering Innovation Together

CDW is the only Dell Technologies and VMware partner certified to deploy VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail appliances. With a large in-house team of industry recognised experts, we can deliver all the benefits of VxRail and VCF to organisations with a unique deployment service. The service de-risks complex projects by streamlining the process to dramatically reduce errors,
improve the time to value, and reduce overall costs – all at a scale to meet your global requirements.

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