About CDW-I IT Solutions Limited 

Integrating new technologies into your business demands a careful balancing act; cost, security and competitive advantage all need to be considered in a forward-looking IT strategy. Doing 'more with less' often requires an investment in your IT infrastructure, allowing your workforce to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Tailored Service Design

Whether you're extending your operations, improving efficiency or completing a merger, an effective IT strategy has become business critical. CDW provides a complete portfolio of solutions and services to ensure that whatever change our customers are undertaking, we're their trusted IT partner.

  • CDW Ireland's team comprises technology experts who hold leading partner accreditations
  • We design tailored services and solutions for customers of all sizes in both public and private sectors, in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Our managed services are proactively monitored and adjusted, ensuring we provide constant value across the lifecycle of your solutions
  • Transparency is core to CDW's approach; our team delivers to comprehensive SLAs which are designed to your specific business requirements
  • CDW's significant commercial relationships with leading partners ensure you have access to the latest technologies at the most competitive rates

Types of solution

The increasing complexity of IT infrastructures demands that every organisation has access to a wide portfolio of technical skills. CDW Ireland provides vendor-neutral experts to design, deploy and manage the right solutions for your business.

  • CDW delivers integrated technology solutions across all critical infrastructure technologies: cloud; data centre modernisation; networking and connectivity; cyber security; digital workspace; and collaboration
  • Our comprehensive supply chain can reliably deliver hardware and software throughout both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • CDW's deep relationship with Microsoft means that we can design and deploy world-class solutions using Microsoft's full range of products
  • We have a team of world-class account and project managers; PRINCE 2-accredited and aligned to specific business sectors, they fully understand and respond to every client's unique needs
  • Through our local Service Desk, backed by engineers who can quickly and efficiently resolve issues on-site, we deliver complete support to both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

A consistent experience – wherever you are

Many businesses are frustrated by inconsistencies in IT support across their international sites.

When you're operating in an unfamiliar and challenging territory, it helps to have the familiarity and reliability of service you are used to in your head office. In Ireland as elsewhere, CDW provides trained experts with real world local experience and knowledge, delivering consistent pricing and service levels, all through a trusted – and consistent – point of contact.

Find out more

CDW delivers secure, reliable IT solutions that are tailored to your unique business and budget needs. Please get in touch to find out how we can support your technology needs in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Simply email info@ie.cdw.com, call +44 28 9022 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.