The technology that we've deployed is light years ahead of what we had before. So video conferencing in literally every meeting room, at every desk. To allow people to feel like they're more active in the office and we have so much more collaboration space than pre-Covid. So for us, this is the next phase of bringing people back to the office, but delivering more collaborative and productive experiences for everybody.

Pradeep Anubadaiyan
Senior Sales Manager, CDW

The Changing Nature of Work

46% of respondents at organisations are intending to implement remote or hybrid working. For these strategies to be successful, IT decision-makers will need the support of their organisation’s leadership.

Read our report to understand what other organisations like yours are experiencing and which solutions are being considered.

Hot Desk Booking Applications

Although some level of collaboration has been made possible through communication platforms and digital workspaces, nothing compares to in-person, face-to-face brainstorms.

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Meeting Room Booking Solutions

The future of meeting rooms needs to change. There needs to be capacity limits on the rooms, but also the rooms need to be smarter themselves.

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Thermal Scanning Solutions

Thermal screening has been around for years, commonly in healthcare, security and defence fields. But with the onset of pandemics from H1N1 (2009) to Covid-19, offices are investing in thermal-imaging equipment.

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Smart Lockers

The future of work for some offices is hot-desking or a clear desk policy. Smart lockers provide employees a space of their own, and a secure means of transferring equipment or sensitive materials.

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Collaboration Solutions

Whether you're supporting remote work capabilities or optimising office experiences for returning employees, the thought and strategy behind your application ecosystem has never been more crucial.

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Fully Managed Device-as-a-Service

The rise in the number of end-user devices deployed in organisations, coupled with remote teams, diverse workloads and widening security threats, places a heavy and complicated burden on technology professionals. If you're responsible for selecting, configuring, deploying, supporting, maintaining, recycling or upgrading devices, this service can make your life much easier.

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Network Assessments

CDW knows that your network is pivotal to your organisation and that you and your clients depend on your network being available, reliable and fit for purpose. Our Professional Services Consultants can perform a review of your network from the ground up, providing you with insights into topology, bottle-necks and potential risks.

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Firewall Security Assessments

CDW knows that your organisation has evolved – but has your firewall policy been kept up to date? Firewall security policy changes and grows over time, and can become weaker or no longer adhere to best practices.

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Wireless Service Assessments

CDW knows that Networking is pivotal to any IT Infrastructure and your company depends on the Network being reliable and fit for purpose.

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Remote Access Service Assessments

CDW knows that providing secured and flexible remote access to your workforce and trusted partners is pivotal to your organisation and productivity. By providing critical insights into the health and security of your Remote Access platform, we empower you to make informed decisions on how to maximise your remote access performance, stability and scalability.

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