Measures and booking systems must be put in place to ensure employees feel safe and protected.

You might consider hot-desking a thing of past, but through consistent and thorough bookings of tables and meeting rooms, smart offices are developed, allowing time between slots to wipe down and sanitise areas. Combining this with a roadmap of technological advancements in occupancy tracking, safety levels at your organisation can be streamlined.

Benefits of Hot Desk Booking Applications

Desk Limiting

You decide which desks are available based on your capacity and social distancing guidelines.

Workspace Capacity

Set a quota on how many people can book a hot desk. Easily add or remove desk availability.

Track & Trace

Create your own track & trace solution to alert employees who may have come in contact with a Covid positive employee.

Sector Organisation

Create ‘neighbourhoods’ where employees in similar roles can gather (marketing, sales, HR, etc.) 

Space Utilisation

Monitor how space is being used and make informed decisions on your real-estate. 

Tailored Solutions

Personalise the app to tailor to your workplace needs. This could be setting roles and permissions, creating restrictions based on office policies and control who can access different areas of the office. 

The Changing Nature of Work

46% of respondents at organisations are intending to implement remote or hybrid working. For these strategies to be successful, IT decision-makers will need the support of their organisation’s leadership.

Read our report to understand what other organisations like yours are experiencing and which solutions are being considered.