What is Intelligent Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or Intelligent Automation, is a way of improving data collection, data processing, stock purchasing or customer queries. It can be used to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction whether that be through improved clinical pathways in healthcare, or a quicker resolution time in contact centres.  RPA allows the user or organisation to script a process to allow a Bot to complete the process a human would do, freeing up time to do other tasks.

RPA isn't just for IT

Initially, because RPA can involve AI, the Information Technology (IT) team will be the department looking at implementing the strategy. But, once the project is rolled out, its benefits and influence most certainly go far beyond IT. It makes sense to consult and involve individual department heads from the start. In most cases, we find that the value of automation has a larger return on investment outside of the IT function.

What to Automate?

The simplest and most universally applicable automation use-cases (where you ought to focus first) are those which are:

  • Highly repetitive (and hence monotonous for employees)
  • High volume
  • Gathering data from disparate platforms and systems
  • Low variance
  • Highly rule-based (i.e., there are very few options for deviation)
  • Mature and stable processes which the organisation has been carrying out for a long time

Processes such as starters and leavers, invoice processing, screening processes, escalation management, compliance reporting, refunds and returns. All of these and more can be automated to enable your organisation to become more operationally efficient, scalable and less prone to human error.

How CDW Ensure Success

CDW offer ideation services created to provide organisations with a business case and assessment of the ROI on automating processes. Helping you find the right processes to drive adoption and success in your RPA initiatives has led to the CDW RPA PMAC (Plan, Migrate, Adopt, CARE). Each step is carefully designed so that regardless of the stage you are in on your journey, CDW can help. You don’t have to start on the Plan phase, if you are further in your journey, CDW’s model can assist regardless.


5 Steps to Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation can see a return of 800% on specific tasks and requirements. Our specialists are sharing the 5 steps to intelligent automation in our RPA ebook. Complete the form to get your copy and start working smarter, not harder.