Digital Enablement can help organisations transform front and back-office business processes through application modernisation, service intelligence, digital experience monitoring and business partnering enablers such as CRM, ERP, IoT and more. Digital Enablement can help an organisation to better share information, simplify IT processes, orchestrate workflow, and improve IT flexibility.

With CDW organisations benefit from external agnostic expertise to review and set out clear business-based targets. By introducing consistent and accountable processes and performance metrics across internal teams and cost centres, you enable your organisation to work to the same business goals. We work with you to establish clear target definitions of your metrics and expectations of delivery from ITSM and ESM tools and practices to robotic process automation.

Our experts work with you to establish:

  • your expectations of project delivery and goals from tools, projects, and transformations
  • your ongoing measurement of business-as-usual (BAU) delivery and success –business value delivered from services

Increased productivity with self-service efficiencies reducing pressures on service desk agents.

Increased operational visibility enables data-driven actionable insights for governance decisions.

Improved end-user satisfaction results in staff and retention and better customer experiences.

Improved efficiencies from optimised workflows, processes and automation reduces operational costs.

Improved accountability and collaboration within business functions and across business functions.

The more employees and business functions that use the solution the better the ROI and per-user.


Trusted Provider

CDW is a leading solutions provider. This is underpinned by CDW holding many of the highest attainable partner accreditations for the top tier partners.


CDW has access to the most comprehensive sales, technical and lifecycle services training, and vendor resources. CDW has capabilities to architect, implement and support complex environments which truly meet your business requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

CDW’s solutions use leading edge industry input combined with experienced account management and consultancy to identify strengths and develop targeted plans to serve your needs.