As Your Software Portfolio Diversifies, Management Challenges Multiply

At an enterprise level this becomes an extensive and complex issue. With renewal dates occurring at different intervals and over varying timescales, it’s not surprising that many organisations fail to proactively manage and optimise their software renewals portfolio and contract spend.

Renewals Made Easy

When you invest in software to make your business more productive, the last thing you want is to incur unnecessary costs or to hinder the workforce. We can provide a dedicated approach to renewals, delivering proactive support and reminders throughout the software renewals cycle.

Keeping Software Renewals Management Simple

Managing your full portfolio of software renewals and remaining updated when changes occur in software usage and contract terms is time-consuming. Choose CDW and we can give you total visibility of your entire software estate, providing the reassurance needed when working with such important assets.  We also proactively track your software renewals, delivering reminders at 90-, 60- and 30-day intervals.

Value From Your Assets

We'll help you achieve your business objectives whilst optimising your software spend and deployments.

By consolidating software contract renewal dates you can reduce the total cost of software contracts, as well as reduce renewals management complexities.

Our team will also look to make proactive recommendations on the products being renewed within the software contract to help ensure that what is being renewed is relevant, valuable to the business and that the functionality being delivered by the software is not already being delivered by a different application. CDW offers a flexible approach to software renewals management, ensuring you can gain full control of your software portfolio.

How We Can Help

Find out more about how CDW can help you overcome licensing challenges and financial risks. Simply email, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office