Software applications and associated licensing are vital components of your IT estate and have significant cost implications. Managing the decision-making process around what to buy, when to buy and how to buy it is difficult without qualified expertise.

Licensing programmes change, as do user requirements, and keeping on top of the full spectrum of your software estate can be time-consuming. Ensuring that you’ve obtained the right software assets and in the most cost-effective way is harder still.

Support Throughout the Whole Lifecycle

Effective management of your software portfolio relies on expertise and constantly updated knowledge. CDW's team of highly experienced, vendor-accredited consultants can support your decisions regarding software requirements, ensuring you buy or subscribe to only what you need at the best available price, and that you utilise the full potential of your investment.

Making Software Work for You

Software assets are there to enhance your business – they should work for you, not the other way round. We can help keep your software procurement and management proportionate to the value it brings to your organisation.

  • CDW continually invests in training and our vendor relationships, ensuring we have the most up-to-date solutions knowledge in the industry
  • We can assess your software agreements and contracts, looking for opportunities to optimise them to ensure you gain full value
  • We provide a range of supportive software services, such as software asset management (SAM), renewals management and customer success consultancy. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of full software lifecycle management from one supplier.

Understanding the Software Lifecycle

CDW provides a full range of end-to-end services to support our customers' software requirements. These services let you assess appropriate software options, both functionally and financially. You can also procure under appropriate software agreements, deploy and migrate to new technology, manage the software renewals cycle and tap into our independent SAM services consultancy to drive continual cost savings and mitigate financial risk.

  • Through presales consultancy, we ensure that all available software agreements have been explored and cost-modelled over a number of years. This helps you make informed decisions that align to your business strategy about the most appropriate agreements under which to procure software.
  • Our Cloud Services team provides end-to-end deployment and migration services, from pre-sales consultancy workshops and design through to the actual technical deployment.
  • We can help manage your software renewals portfolio, ensuring that you don't miss important renewals.
  • Our SAM team provides comprehensive lifecycle management for software licensing estates via services and solutions designed to complement your technical environments, organisational requirements and budget.
  • CDW's Baseline Service gives you a validated position of software licence compliance for any software vendor. This helps build a complete picture of which of your software assets are being used, what isn't being used and, importantly, how this reconciles against licences that you've actually bought or subscribed to.
  • Utilising the data obtained during the Baseline Service, our Optimisation Service builds a strategy and framework for corrective actions to lower cost and mitigate risk in software portfolios.

Our licensing solutions ensure that your organisation has the software it needs, and that every asset adds value to the business.

How We Can Help

At CDW, we remove the challenges and complexities associated with assessing which software applications and agreements are the most appropriate for your business. We then provide a range of supportive services to help you manage your software portfolio throughout its entire lifecycle.

Find out more about how we can help with your software licensing. Simply email, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.