What You Get with CDW eProcurement Services

When you integrate your eProcurement system with CDW, you are able to take advantage of two key functions:

Catalogue Integration - PunchOut and Roundtrip

These solutions give you easy access to the current CDW punch-out catalogue from your organisation's preferred eProcurement system. Based on our ServiceTrack platform, users can access a tailored product offering managed by the CDW Account team.


Electronic Document Interchange

We can work with you to automate purchase order processing, provide advance ship notices (ASN) and electronic invoicing for systems that support the cXML standard.


Why CDW for eProcurement Integration?

Save Time and Money

By consolidating purchases through a single interface, you’ll increase efficiency and decrease transactional and fulfilment costs.

Curb Errors and Maverick Spending

Our eProcurement systems feature built-in controls that minimise human error, ensure compliance and prevent overspend.

How We Can Help

Find out more about how you couls save time and money with eProcurement integration. Simply email info@uk.cdw.com, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.