With the rapid growth of ransomware attacks, enterprises all share the same concern: “If we get hit by ransomware, can we recover?” The reality is, when traditional security products fail and data is compromised, the stakes are high, and IT and Security teams are often left on their own. So we asked ourselves, can we give them the ultimate assurance that Rubrik will be there for them?

In an industry-first, Rubrik, The Zero Trust Data Security™ company, announces a Ransomware Recovery Warranty of up to $5M* for Rubrik Enterprise Edition.

Rubrik has more than 3,700 customers, and we obsess about helping them recover their data from cyber attacks and operational failures.

Is your current backup vendor ready to stand behind their product like we do? Don’t waste any more time. Click below and learn how you can qualify for our Ransomware Recovery Warranty.

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