To the uninitiated, motor racing can look like a lonely sport. There is one person behind the wheel, and the pressure, risk and reward can appear to be entirely on their shoulders. But those who live and breathe it – like CDW Solutions Specialist and Team BRIT driver Aaron Morgan, know that racing is very much a team effort.

Teams, by their very nature, bring together individuals with different skillsets and strengths, like drivers and engineers in a racing team. However, a team can only be truly successful if it's bound together by unifying values. This is true whether the goal is achieving podium finishes or providing IT solutions that can transform a business.

It's particularly important at Team BRIT, a team of disabled drivers that races against able-bodied rivals. Aaron was paralysed from the waist down in an accident when he was 15, but didn't let that stop his ambition of competing on the track.

"At Team BRIT, we're unified by values like ambition, a determination to succeed, creativity, positivity and openness," Aaron says. "Our team was put together on the premise that nothing can hold us back, and we carry that with us."

On August 1st, Team BRIT achieved a podium finish in the second round of the 2020 Britcar Endurance Championship at Brands Hatch, Kent. To celebrate this achievement and look ahead to the next race at Oulton Park, Cheshire, on September 12th, we asked Aaron to give us the inside track on his teammates and reflect on the shared values that make race day a success:

Driver – Bobby Trundley

Bobby is the epitome of grit and determination – and he's a fast racer to boot. He's a consistently high performer, which is inspirational for me as a fellow driver. But as a teammate, he's also very personable and a great team player, so he fits right into our welcoming atmosphere.

Race Engineer – Al Locke

Al dedicates his analytical and technical mind to overseeing the car's performance and providing performance feedback on race day. His creativity and ingenuity played a key role in developing Team BRIT's world-leading hand controls, which enable me to race competitively with able-bodied drivers.

#1 Mechanic – Dean Robertson

Dean's a very creative problem-solver and he thrives under pressure. He has primary responsibility for the car, whether on the track or in the pits, and pores over the finer details like engine and oil temperature.

#2 Mechanic – Joshua 'JJ' Spencer

JJ's role is to support Al and Dean. He's highly adaptable, cool-headed and positive. When Bobby had a collision at Brands Hatch that damaged one of his wheels, JJ was instrumental in putting things back together.

Apprentice Mechanic – Phil Clements

Phil's the most junior team member, but he's as hardworking and driven as any of us. At Brands Hatch, we ran into trouble in the lead up to the race when the gearbox failed. It would've stopped us competing but for Phil making an epic four-hour round-trip to collect the spare parts we needed.

Videographer – Darren Cook

You'll find Darren with a camera in hand, rather than a wrench, but the creative vision he brings to the team is just as valuable. Racing requires a lot of investment from sponsors, so we need to generate as much interest in the team as we can. Darren is vital in attracting that interest by making our race day stories shine

From the garage to the office, teamwork powers success

It may be a way from the track but CDW shares much in common with Team BRIT. CDW brings together experts in their field to work together as one team with a common goal: To turn customers' complex problems into simple solutions.

"I see my CDW co-workers reflect many of Team BRIT's values day in, day out," Aaron says. "Fundamentally, both teams are made up of problem solvers working together to achieve shared goals. At CDW, we work together to find the right solution to our customer's problems. We're positive in the face of challenges, creative in how we tackle them, and show determination to finish the job."

At the core of it, CDW is a people business. The driving force behind every customer success story is teamwork. Our shared values ensure we approach problems with empathy, good humour and an understanding of what truly makes a difference to our customers.

Describing his co-workers, Aaron said: "CDW is a community that is proud of its diversity. We're different in plenty of ways – our skills, our personalities, our life experiences. We take that diversity and turn it into our strength."