On November 1st CDW Solutions Specialist and Team BRIT racing driver Aaron Morgan was back in the driving seat for the final race of the 2020 Britcar Endurance Championship, held at Snetterton.

To round out a season of incredible achievements, Aaron and his Team BRIT teammate Nerys Pearce finished second place within the invitational class.

Unpredictable weather conditions once again meant a treacherous track proved challenging for all competitors, upping the pressure on Aaron and the team to drive their customised BMW 118i with skill and caution.

Pressure was also high on the rest of Team BRIT to manage the cars carefully, with four cars in action in back-to-back sessions over the weekend. This meant the team had to transition between vehicles with little time to prepare, leaving them without room for error.

Undeterred, Aaron and Nerys, a rookie driver, drove with great precision and were able to complete the race without incident. This left the result purely down to the pair’s skill and the car’s capabilities, and the second place finish they achieved was a testament to both.

Credit was also given to Aaron for his contributions to teammate Bobby Trundley’s 4th place finish across the championship overall, a result that was dependent on the several race days the two competed in as a pair.

Reflecting on the 2020 season, team founder Dave Player said; “None of us could have predicted what this year would have in store of us, but we’ve stayed positive and carried on throughout, giving our all in every race”.

“I’d like to thank every member of the crew, the management team, each driver, every sponsor and the friends and family who give us so much encouragement every year."

We at CDW could not be prouder of Aaron and the hard work he has put in this season. It has been an honour to sponsor him, and we look forward to following him again in 2021. Well done Aaron!