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Experience tells us that the vast majority of organisations merely scratch the surface of the capabilities afforded to them by Microsoft technologies. At the fingertips of users are all the tools they require to be truly efficient, unlocking otherwise unrealised potential, but 'they don't know what they don't know'. Users are unaware of smarter, more effective ways of utilising the technology and most of us carry on working in the same fashion, using the same applications in the same way.

Real expertise is required to understand how the technology can support and underpin improved working practices, particularly as Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving and improving. Understanding how specific applications can expedite processes or create closer, secure working practices, despite organisational or geographic boundaries, will create tangible efficiencies and competitive gains for your business.

CDW Technology Adoption Services

CDW has created a range of structured engagements to support your organisation in driving the effective adoption of Microsoft technologies. Our Adoption Consultants will work with you, providing their experience and guidance to create improved working practices while positively impacting a 'change culture'.  We have developed three Adoption and Change Management Service package options: the Basic, Essential, and Premium service packages have been developed to support different-sized organisations and the corresponding levels of complexity.

Previous clients have experienced:

10 x

A tenfold or more increase in the use of Microsoft Teams

1 +

hours saved per employee, per week

89 %

of users more confident using Teams and believe it will improve their productivity

It’s never too late to improve user adoption

Most users never scratch the surface of what their IT has to offer, even for tools they use every day such as their devices or the Microsoft 365 suite of collaboration and productivity tools. We help you create personalised enablement plans for every user, accelerating their development from novice to competent user, and from competence to superuser status.

Benefits of CDW's Adoption and Change Management Services

You’ve invested in the right IT for your business, now maximise the value of your investment with CDW.

Adopting new technologies doesn’t have to be a painful experience for users or IT support staff. A well structured adoption programme can:

  • Empower

    all users, regardless of their IT proficiency, to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

  • Productivity

    Increase productivity of teams and individuals.

  • High Uptake

    Generate enthusiasm and ensure high uptake of the new technology.

  • Increase ROI

    on your tech investments, both hardware and software.

Key features of CDW's Adoption & Change Management Service

  • Envisioning

    Understanding your corporate objectives and how technology will underpin and support the achievement of key goals.

  • Workforce Analysis

    Understanding how your users work today, grouping them into personas, creating scenarios of how they should work more effectively and then prioritising the areas of focus.

  • Communications

    Helping users understand the value they will get from the technology, why they should care personally, and how they will be supported will make the difference to the level of engagement by your users.

  • Training & Webinars

    Subject matter experts supporting users with their understanding of key features and functionality. This is delivered face-to-face and/or via webinars.

  • Management & Insights Reporting

    • User engagement with communications
    • User engagement with learning materials
    • User pass / fail rates (where appropriate)
    • User confidence with key applications
    • Software utilisation
    • User perception
  • Adoption Portal

    Underpinning the approach is the world’s most comprehensive Microsoft online adoption portal. The portal supports four key pillars of Adoption services:

    • The engagement of users
    • Tailored training reflecting the needs of your users
    • Continually up to date content as M365 evolves
    • Management reporting and insights
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