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Maintain Business-Critical Operations

Today's applications need to scale rapidly, and users need access to complex data at increasing speeds. It takes precise planning and execution to build a standards-based infrastructure that meets business needs.

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services provide expertise, tools and resources to scale and future-proof your data centre architecture. We help you upgrade your existing architecture and prepare for what’s to come, whether you're on-premises, migrating to the cloud or already there.

Services for On-Premises Data Centres

DESIGN: Review Your Current Environment and Future Plans

Whether you need to add a server to the network, update storage capacity or budget for an infrastructure overhaul, CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure provides design and planning workshops that assess the current state of your data centre and readiness for future technologies. Our experts create a custom plan that enables scalability and business innovation.

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ORCHESTRATE: Implement and Adopt New Technologies

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services are backed by hundreds of experienced professional services consultants, who can assist with the design, planning and implementation of deployments in any manner of technologies. As specialists, they provide expert and specific partner knowledge and knowhow whilst at the same time being able to offer truly partner-agnostic advice at critical points in the implementation lifecycle.

CDW consultants set the foundation for business innovation by creating support for cross-functional IT teams. They also outline best practices through the use of architectural reviews, plus alignment of technical account management functions to enable digital transformation projects to result in successful business outcomes.

Adopt New Technologies
MANAGE: Assessment Services

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure assessment services provide you with a detailed snapshot of your current infrastructure ahead of any planned material change. That's whether you are targeting legacy debt as part of a new strategic road map, extending existing services to complement business growth and are unsure of the impact, or adding new services to support a tactical solution for your business.

CDW Consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in this space, documenting the current infrastructure, identifying variances to best practices and making recommendations for alignment and remediation, to reduce risks, aid capacity planning and provide essential information for change planning.

Whilst CDW assessment services can be specifically tailored to your unique circumstances we also recognise the value of fixed price services and can offer these across a number of areas, including:

  • Network infrastructure assessment
  • Wireless assessment
  • O365 readiness assessment

At CDW we understand how important it is to you to be able to replace, grow and maintain your key infrastructure services and the effect that good foresight and planning has on the eventual outcome of any work performed.

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MANAGE: Implement and Adopt New Data Centre Technologies

No matter where you are in your journey - whether you're working toward hyperconverged infrastructure or preparing for initial forklift application migrations to the cloud - an experienced partner configures and deploys solutions that set you up for future growth. CDW AmplifiedTM Infrastructure services improve business agility, help you scale efficiently and reduce silos across your organisation.

Data Centre Technologies
MANAGE: Your Current Infrastructure

Infrastructure upkeep, routine management and support tasks can be a drain on your internal team that impacts the time spent working on projects that add value to your business. Outsourcing and automating infrastructure management services can help you get the most out of both your current environment and your internal IT staff. CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure is backed by hundreds of experienced managed services engineers, bringing reliability, efficiency and reduced risk to even the most complex data centres.

Cloud Infrastructure



    Hybrid cloud environments can be complex, but careful planning can create optimal business impact. CDW AmplifiedTM Infrastructure backed by industry experts can help you build and deploy a hybrid infrastructure based on best practices. Our planning and design workshops help you determine efficient workload placement, security, governance, cost management and more, all tailored to your specific business needs.


    Digital transformation enables your business to do more than ever before. However, without a clear strategy and detailed roadmap, transformation projects typically fail.

    CDW AmplifiedTM Infrastructure services assist with the design, planning and implementation of deployments, bolstering cloud security and ensuring smooth operation. We also help set the foundation for business innovation by creating support for cross-functional IT teams and outlining DevOps best practices. We do this through the use of architectural reviews and alignment of technical account management functions to enable digital transformation projects to result in realised business benefits, not just technology project outcomes.


    Cloud migrations can add significant complexity and risk to business operations. CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services provide options for fully managed or assisted migrations backed by over a decade of experience in helping customers realise successful migrations using proven project methodologies and tooling.

    CDW CloudPlan® helps businesses understand the commercial aspects of a migration whilst assessing the performance and inter-dependencies of business applications before a migration begins. Our industry experts and 24/7 Network Operations Centres continuously perform and monitor hybrid cloud migrations to move them along seamlessly, reducing risk through expertise and insights in your technology environments, and reducing downtime through efficient migration techniques.


DESIGN: An Efficient Cloud Platform

Designing an enterprise class cloud platform requires expert knowledge and experience to avoid the many pitfalls that can often arise. CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services bring this expert knowledge and experience to the forefront of our engagements, taking into consideration everything from the fundamentals of account, billing architecture and cost mapping, through to critical aspects such as security, disaster recovery, backup and automation.

Even if your business is well along on its cloud journey, added complexities of public and multi-cloud environments make careful planning a must. CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure helps you design and augment your cloud capabilities, build custom cloud applications and bolster security for your new platform.

CDW's JumpStart helps our customers deploy a ready-to-use production architecture within days to weeks rather than months.

For customers who have already embarked on a cloud journey, CDW's HealthCheck service is essential in checking that existing cloud deployments are able to avoid simple pitfalls, often seen in customers' deployments, before they impact your business.

Cloud Infrastructure Services
ORCHESTRATE: Engineer Cloud Success

Building the perfect cloud platform can be a complex task, especially considering the rapid pace of innovation within the cloud services market.

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services help you build your platform to your exact specifications, allowing for easier service and application integration, whilst keeping your public and private clouds scalable and secure.

CDW JumpStart utilises proven ready to use templated deployments to build a base architecture against, customised to the operational needs of your business, and at all times based upon well-architected frameworks and best practices from the major cloud providers.

Engineer Cloud Services
MANAGE: Maintain and Optimise Your Cloud Environments

To achieve and maintain optimum benefit from your cloud environments it is essential that regular reviews and maintenance are carried out.

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services can provide highly skilled cloud consultants who can review and evaluate mixed cloud environments, make recommendations against best practices and assist in any remediation that may be identified to ensure that both technical and cost optimisation are truly realised.

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MANAGE: Manage Your Cloud Environments

Managing a cloud environment requires a broad and modern set of skills, to maintain relevance with an ever-evolving technology landscape.

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure enables you to manage your cloud environment efficiently and transparently.

Our CloudCare® managed service, delivered out of our purpose-built 24/7 Network Operations Centre, helps you control costs and monitor operations, while providing ongoing technical assistance, platform development and architectural support, so you can continue to innovate in a cloud environment tailored to your business.

CloudCare® is an essential service aimed at protecting your investment in cloud and is backed by our award-winning managed services capability, combined with our long experience in cloud services.

Cloud Environments


We design, orchestrate and manage your infrastructure to your needs, providing long term cost efficiency. We build your platform to your specifications, allowing for easier service and application integration, while keeping your public and private clouds scalable and secure. We help you control costs and monitor operations while providing ongoing technical assistance and platform development support, so you can continue to innovate, in a cloud environment tailored to your business.

CDW’s simple, smart, scalable and flexible services portfolio provides a fully automated and managed infrastructure across your entire network, whether on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

  • Design for the Future

    Consult with our team of technology experts to plan a unique solution that fits your unique needs and optimises business impact.

  • Orchestrate Progress

    CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure services help you build and deploy your custom infrastructure utilising best practices.

  • Manage Operations

    Our world-class, certified staff monitors and manages your infrastructure 24/7/365 to ensure operational efficiency and security.

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By providing flexibility and professionalism, ServiceWorks allows you to optimise your core IT costs, without compromising availability or performance.
Remote Access Service Assessment Solutions CDW UK

Remote Access Service Assessment

CDW can provide critical insights into the health and security of your Remote Access platform enabling you to maximise your remote access performance, stability and scalability.
Wireless Service Assessments UK

Wireless Service Assessment

CDW knows that Networking is pivotal to any IT Infrastructure and your company depends on the Network being reliable and fit for purpose.
Network Assessment Summary

Network Assessments

Our Professional Services Consultants can perform a review of your network from the ground up, providing you with insights into topology, bottle-necks and potential risks.
Cloud Solutions Summary


Whether you are embarking on your cloud journey or looking to optimise an existing deployment, CDW can help.
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Data Centre Modernisation

We can deliver you a modern data centre that's agile, cloud-like and designed for your services.
Connectivity Summary


Connecting devices, people, places and applications securely, whilst providing insight on performance and availability.
Storage and Compute in CDW server room

Storage & Compute

With CDW’s storage and compute solutions you can benefit from scalability, durability, accessibility and cost effectiveness.

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