Virtual Roundtable: Securely Returning to Work

Please note, there are multiple sessions taking place on 4th, 9th and 11th June 2020.

CDW is very aware of the challenges being faced by its customers during this difficult period. The closing of offices, shops, restaurants, factories, and transportation have affected how businesses operate and created uncertainty over the future. We have set up this series of virtual roundtables as a forum to discuss highly relevant topics, specifically chosen by our customers:

  • Methodologies for reopening of operations and workplaces
  • Implementation of social distancing principles within diverse business sectors such as offices, shops, restaurants, transport and warehouses
  • Technologies to help rebuild confidence in employees and customers’ health concerns
  • Enforcement and support of government guidelines 

The sessions will be supported by leading industry experts from Intel and CDW, who will share global insights learned from other countries and companies as they reopen their markets.  We will look to facilitate an open discussion with attendees around challenges they’re facing specifically and allow for idea sharing within the forum.

CDW Virtual Roundtable: Returning to Work

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Thursday, Jun 4, 2020