Lenovo workstations are engineered to give you more of what you need, whether it's harnessing AR/VR readiness, AI capabilities, or top-of-the-line ISV's. We know that steady technology leadership is critical to ensuring higher education institutions stay responsive to always evolving, real-world challenges.

When you shop for Lenovo Workstations, you not only get devices but the security, support and transparency of the ThinkShield platform. With Workstation-boosted features like:

  • Fingerprint with MOC: Personalised device security 
  • Premier Support: 24/7 IT guidance, helping to limit downtime 
  • Lenovo WIFI Security: Ensuring your team can take work with them wherever they go
  • Transparent Supply Chain: So you know you can trust the device you are holding
  • Secure Access Point: Preventing unwanted hardware from being used in ports 

Lenovo ThinkShield

ThinkShield is Lenovo’s portfolio of secure Think devices, software, and services that are fully customisable to keep your organisation ahead of dangerous breaches. Get the most comprehensive protection with a modern Windows 10 Pro device powered by the Intel® vPro™. The automated security tools keep your teams effective, while keeping costs down and your organisation secure, it adapts as your organisation evolves.

It is understandable that mistakes will be made, but disaster is just one click away, ThinkShield can help to defend your devices against the three types of employee who pose the biggest risk, the non-compliant user, the remote users and the unfortunate target.

Lenovo and CDW

For more than two decades, CDW has been working with Universities and Colleges of Higher and Further Education to provide essential technology guidance, solutions and services.

The CDW team has the skills and expertise to advise the best devices to suit the individual needs of every user, in every environment. Regular roadmap updates help to keep you up-to-date, whilst a menu of pre and post implementation services can be tailored to suit every project. CDW can also set your team up with a bespoke and simple to use NDNA portal where you will be able to procure the products and services we have built for you as well as manage the assets through their lifecycle via our online Service Track tool.

Our partnership with Lenovo ensures we can offer a broad portfolio of solutions to meet the needs of Higher Education institutions of any size.

Contact your CDW Account Manager today to discover how we can orchestrate the right solution for your organisation.

*Ponemon Institute: The Cost of Insecure Endpoints (http://bit.ly/InsecureEndpoints)