Lenovo and CDW


CDW helps you build modern end-to-end solutions for the workspace and data centre by uniting Lenovo products with complementary technologies, proven designs, and our own considerable experience.

We ensure you get the most from Lenovo technology, harnessing their unique innovations to accelerate time-to-value for your solutions. We create cost-effective, open solutions that are best matched to your needs and can also be embedded in wider solutions that are easier to manage.


Technology Solutions


Using Lenovo technology, we create solutions that put a powerful and friendly computing experience in the hands of every user, no matter where they are or how they choose to work.

Data Centre & Cloud

We marry leading-edge Lenovo products in server, storage and networking with the other enabling technologies necessary to rethink the data centre, power innovation and to transform how you run and scale critical infrastructure.


With access to the most comprehensive sales, technical and lifecycle services training and resources, CDW can sell, deliver, and support Lenovo solutions.

Our standing with Lenovo grants us the ability to demonstrate any Lenovo technology for real in our UK laboratory facilities, allowing you to experience it first-hand.

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

CDW is an approved Lenovo DaaS Solutions partner and can support your organisation throughout the device's entire life-cycle, from discovery through to end-of-life collection, refresh, or disposal.

We help to maximise technology investments by taking a holistic approach to mobile device management strategy, thereby reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of procuring, deploying and integrating technology.


The reliability of Lenovo's products is constant and with access to a multitude of customer experience tools. We closely monitor customer journeys to understand the impact in case your service is not 100% available.

CDW trades with more than 4,000 customers in the UK; the trust we have inspired through the services and solutions we deliver epitomises the same commitment.


We regularly turn Lenovo technology into solutions for international companies, providing expertise to navigate across borders.

CDW's international presence, combined with Lenovo's ability to supply global bids, international warranties, and local country keyboard inlays, enables us to extend everything we do internationally. This gives you the confidence to turn to us for the supply and support of Lenovo technology, whether you have a one-off project or a global rollout.