HPE Infosight collects and analyses millions of sensors across the globe. Over the last 10 years it has analysed over 1 trillion data points and saved over 1 million hours of productivity. It is simply Artificial Intelligence for infrastructure.

Infosight uses cloud based machine learning to develop global intelligence across servers, storage and virtualised resources. It uses this learning to help IT simplify their operations by predicting and preventing problems across the stack and making decisions about application optimisation and resource planning.

The Enterprise Strategy Group* researched hundreds of HPE Nimble storage (with Infosight) and third party customers and reached these financial conclusions for those using Infosight enabled products:

  • 79% lower storage operational expenses
  • 73% fewer trouble tickets
  • 85% less time resolving storage trouble tickets
  • 69% faster resolution for events requiring level 3 intervention

HPE Infosight uses predictive analytics to predict, prevent and auto resolve problems from storage to Virtual machines before they can affect your business. Predictive signatures are continuously monitored in every system within the installed base and if a problem is experience Infosight learns to predict the issue and prevent any other user seeing the same problem.

If Infosight detects a problem that cannot be resolved automatically the HPE support engineers are called to investigate and help get customers back on line quickly. Learnings are feed back into the predictive engine for future support automation.

HPE Infosight is a one stop one site portal for access to infrastructure wherever it is in the world, there is no software to install or manage. The application is integrated across the entire HPE portfolio of servers, storage and integrated systems to provide a consolidated view of all IT resources.

HPE Infosight is available as for downloading. It can be installed following the purchase of any HPE Servers, Storage and other infrastructure products.

If you are looking simple executive dashboards, a way to proactively troubleshoot, forecast capacity and performance needs with a system that provides recommendations to future proof your environment then please call our HPE experts now or request a call back.

*Assessing the financial impact of HPE Infosight predictive analytics 2017