Today's fast-moving digital landscape is putting more pressure on IT and network infrastructures.

Expanding your existing network can make your IT infrastructure complex and less agile, while also increasing costs and leaving you vulnerable to security threats. Maintaining the correct level of visibility can be a real challenge for any organisation.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is a software-driven network architecture that enables your organisation's digital transformation without adding cost or complexity. Now you can simplify IT, secure your organisation and make operations more efficient.

It provides you with the ability to scale on demand and deploy apps and services faster, which helps you to be more agile and react to new business opportunities quicker. With security embedded everywhere in the network, you can also detect and contain threats over 1,000 times faster than the industry average. This is achieved by linking into Cisco Talos which is manned by over 250 Threat Intelligence researchers. That means a matter of minutes, not months.

As a multi-award winning Tier 1 Cisco Gold Partner, CDW is fully equipped to help orchestrate and deliver whole-scale Cisco architectures. Our deep knowledge and expertise enables us to successfully scope the right technology to tackle any challenge, connecting the data, people, process and things at the heart of every digital transformation. Our global capabilities also mean that we can respond to the challenge of digitisation on an international scale, and our first-class Proof of Concept facilities allow us to demonstrate Cisco technologies working for real. 

If you are interested in understanding further what Cisco Digital Network Architecture can do for your organisation or would like to organise a proof of concept demonstration , contact us today or email