With digital transformation disrupting traditional manufacturing processes, AI, IoT and the cloud will serve as the core foundational technologies critical for optimal plant floor operability, supply chain agility and ecosystem profitability. CDW understands the challenges faced by manufacturing, with over 20 years’ experience in orchestrating transformative IT solutions. Our comprehensive range of IT solutions and services are designed to make your business more agile, your IT simpler to manage and to build trust in your brand throughout the market. With our knowledge of technology and the sector, we can help you achieve your goals, maximise your technology investment, and help ensure your organisation fulfils its regulatory obligations.


Connected Field Service

New technology such as mobile applications has empowered the workforce to become more efficient by identifying and solving problems faster. Mobile apps have proven track records that help justify their usage by site or field workers, enabling them to record data faster, access work orders and calendars on-the-go, search databases for inventory lists and reference materials, capture data and photos of equipment or sites, and then eliminate the need to re-enter the data once they’ve returned from the site.

CDW provide solutions to provide geographically dispersed R&D, plant floor and distribution teams with secure access to the resources required to bring products to the point of consumption faster—with no disruption in the supply chain.


Cyber Security

As you adopt more technology into your systems you become more exposed to potential cyber attacks. Though the original design assumption was that every device was friendly, that is no longer the case. From interconnected IT systems and IoT devices to mobile devices and cloud computing and storage, there is a range of different threats you must plan for before something happens.


Increase operational efficiency

Data from connected sensors and intelligent machines help companies determine what parts of their processes are wasteful or problematic. Artificial intelligence in manufacturing can also help predict how to best automate assembly machines that use parts from different suppliers. With central data collection to a cloud platform, manufacturers don’t need to send engineers to analyse individual machines.

Reduce factory downtime.

Predictive analytics makes it easy to determine when machines will need maintenance, enabling technicians to perform maintenance with minimal disruptions and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

Improve worker safety.

An enhanced video surveillance system, combined with real-time location systems can increase visibility and response to worker safety incidents and pinpoint worker location in the event of an emergency.


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